Well, it was either this or Tamaki Kousaka, who I will eventually get to, I SWEAR. But Wonder Woman is shiny and new, and I got her right before my ridiculous hosptialization, so she’s fresh in my (injured, swollen) mind. You’ll recall that these figures are conceptualized by Shunya Yamashita, and in Catwoman’s case, I liked the concept art better than the final figure. It’s the opposite here, and to a larger degree. While this is not the final concept art, it is pretty darn close to what ended up plastered onto her box:

Cardboard Cutout

I don't like anything about this concept art.

I mean, look at her. Her hips are wider than her shoulders, she has no waist, her left leg appears to be longer than her right leg, and she’s…flat. This is just a bad drawing of Wonder Woman. Whoever the actual sculptor was on this thing, I have to give big props for vastly improving the design. While the basic form pose is the same, everything…everything about the final sculpture is infinately better than the initial or final concept art…Thank Cthulhu. Now, we all know Wonder Woman, right? She just got a costume change (and an enormous retcon), in fact, designed by Jim Lee.

90's Jacket Diana

Seriously, is it any worse than her traditional costume? No.

This costume gets a lot of hate. So much, in fact, that I think they got rid of the awesome 90’s X-men jacket. I don’t understand the irritation with this costume. When you compare it to her usual outfit, it’s far less ridiculous and a lot more practical. I’m not saying that superheroes should all wear practical things (I’ve mused in the past about how they get in and out of their skintight leotards) but the more practical the better is what I’m saying. At any rate, based on the initial concept art, I had absolutely no intention of buying this figure. After all, I already have the Ame-Comi version of Wonder Woman (one of the three original good Ame-Comi figures). Well, eventually, a prototype figure started showing up on websites and it looked significantly better than the concept art. I wasn’t entirely sold on her, though: differences do exist between the prototype and final product (as happens). It wasn’t until I saw an actual final figure review up at Tomopop that I decided to drop the hammer on Diana of Themyscira.

Wonder Woman, aka Diana Prince

This may be my favorite Bishoujo girl. She’s tall, distinctly posed, colorful, and powerful. You can easily see the differences between the sculpt and the concept art. She looks whistful and bizarrely proportioned in the concept art, but the sculpt looks determined and imposing. Even her costume–which is traditionally kind of silly–works here. Well, works better.

Diana don't mess around, kids.

I think her expression really sells the whole thing. She’s not modeling (like Rogue) or posing (like Catwoman). She looks like she’s thinking about something, perhaps on the field of battle. She’s not entirely engaged with the viewer. You can see that in her eyes, mouth, and the way she’s turned her head to the side. Her hair, billowing with the wind, is sculpted in semi-transparent material, which gives it a light, airy feeling. I love the muscle tones in her neck and shoulders.

Overall, a very clean, colorful sculpt.

Her Lasso of Truth is wrapped through both hands and is pulled semi-taught across the back of her thighs. We’ll get to this better in a second, but from here you can start to appreciate the musculature of her legs, especially around the knees. This is the part where I whine about how stupid the Lasso of Truth is. Most of Wonder Woman’s core concepts are pretty ridiculous, and I’m convinced that why we’ve never gotten a good WW movie or TV show (the old show wasn’t that great, kids–we were all just in love with Linda Carter). If anybody is going to make a convincing Wonder Woman movie, she needs to basically be redesigned from the ground up. Lasso of Trush? Throw that shit out. Invisible plane? Are you kidding me? Also, for modern viewers, please use her current costume.

There are lots of subtle angles going on here. The hip, the arms, the legs, the back...

As the picture caption suggests, which this may look at first like a fairly straightforward sculpt, there are actually a lot of angles to appreciate. I thought there could’ve been more definition in the back where her arms connect to the body, but given the rest of the figure’s quality, it’s not such a big deal. Besides, it’s not like I’m posing her so that she’s facing away from everyone. Check out that badonkadonk–it’s not stupid big, but it’s definately toned (like the rest of her) although it looks a little like a Speedo bottom. I think it’s really impressive how you can basically make out the shape of her hip bones from this angle, too.

Nice detailing on the...tunic? What do you call that?

Diana’s top is nicely sculpted with the traditional “W” stamped on the front. I can’t really tell what kind of material it’s supposed to be (looks similar to Power Girl’s outfit) but it’s textured differently, which is nice. I’m not entirely sure how it stays on, given the low scoop in the back (see the last picture). I imagine Aquaman’s always hoping that WW spills out of her top. Aquaman is such a douche.

Note the little clasp for her lasso, and the sculpted belt.

You might think the fact that her belt has a bellybutton is wierd. So do I. The itty-bitty lasso clasp is strange too, given the size and length of her Lasso of Crap. More muscular detail where her legs meet her…bajingo. That’s appreciated, I guess!

Check out the nice bunching of the boot fabric! I love it!

The base is pretty sweet. There’s some kind of cape lying on the ground with a spartan shield. There are holes in the back of the shield so you can insert the three spears. That helmet, which is in the picture at the top of the post, doesn’t attach to anything (like Catwoman’s cats) and isn’t balanced well, so it’s always falling over. The base itself looks like sand or dirt. Wond Woman’s boots are impractically high-heeled, but what part of her costume IS practical? I like the color scheme, and I like the bunching-up of fabric by her does and by her ankles. But seriously, she must have miniscule feet.

Chun-Lee? Is that you?

Be still, my heart: there’s even detailing around her knees. You can also see her silver bracelets here, used to deflect bullets. I guess that’s a pretty cool power…at least, compared to the invisible jet. You can see her Lasso of Truth in better detail here. It comes in two parts, and the loops come apart themselves so you can slide them through WW’s hands. The two halves of the lasso join up behind WW. It’s the one thing I don’t really like about the figure. The lasso isn’t textured like rope–it looks like plastic, and it’s fairly lifeless in her hands. Also, it’s the Lasso of Trush. The Ame-Comi WW is holding a giant goddamn sword and a bitchin’ shield.

It's like she's staring into your SOUL.

LOVE the expression, as I’ve said. She’s powerful and determined. The flowing hair ain’t bad, either.

See, she can usually fly in the comics...

Star-spangled earings, too. That’s something about WW that’s traditionally bothered me. She’s an Amazon from the island of Themyscira who fights evil in the World of Man, not the World of Uncle Sam. Her insistance on wearing United States patriotic colors has always bothered me, largely because Superman has always filled that role. Now, I understand it’s probably because of the time our girl was thought up, and patriotism was all the rage, but WWII is over. She needed that costume redesign for a long time. Anyway, back to the figure itself. You’ll recall that the concept art made her look flat as a board. And, in fact, the prototype wasn’t especially busty, either.

She could knock you out by turning around.

Again, props to the sculptor for turning that right around. The instability of her top is even more obvious now, what with those puppies yearning for release.

Yeah yeah, one more gratiutous chest shot.

I mean, seriously. Diana might be one of the bustiest characters I have given her overall height. It was completely unexpected but certainly appreciated. Stop staring, Aquaman!

Aaaand here's another full frame shot. Enjoy it.

The Kotobukiya WW is totally worth it. She’ll cost you between $65 and $70, though I got her for significantly cheaper thanks to my oodles of store credit. She’s my favorite Bishoujo girl right now (they’ve really got to get on a Power Girl figure). Like most of the other Bishoujo girls, WW is 9″ tall (including base). I’m going to have to rearrange all my girls to put all the Bishoujo figures next to each other. Right now theyr’e really spread out. Okay, next review? Tamaki Kousaka, sweartogod.

P.S. Sorry this post took so long to…finish. I actually had all the photos up a month ago, but between all my follow-up doctor’s appointments, catching up with work, and having in-laws up, I haven’t had a lot of time for ANYthing. The next figure review will come significantly quicker!