She's got more curves than...uh...(insert Daytona reference here).

Tamaki here is from a Japanese visual novel series called To Heart 2, which involves an all-girls school and, from what I can only assume, lots of sexualized shenanigans. The series has since expanded into an anime, a manga, and probably other things that I haven’t really cared to keep up with. Tamaki, despite having a supporting role in the series, is one of the most popular figures to sculpt. I knew that, eventually, I’d end up with a Tamaki figure, and I’m happy it was this one—which I got for a freaking song on Amazon. I had been eying Tamaki’s “Temptation” figure, but it was more expensive and I really didn’t like the stupid chain around her waist (which could easily be cut off, I realize). Then I saw this “PANIC!” statue—which seems to be a moment-to-moment sequel to the Temptation figure—and I had to have it. A conflagration of features caused forced my hand: the expression, the dynamic pose, the hips, the waist, the bust. Tamaki is a study in curves, which I appreciate.

She looks shocked that her breasts are bigger than her head.

The gimmick here is that it appears that her top is about to fall off. For reasons I’m wholly unsure of, her bikini bottom has also come loose. Realizing this fact too late, Tamaki’s cheeks have turned bright red, her eyes have gone wide, and you can almost see the words forming in her head: “Oh shit!” I absolutely love it—as a moment caught in time, it’s a wonderful sculpt.

Good view of the twist in the torso here.

It’s wonderful for a lot of reasons. You readers know that I really like detailed figures, and Tamaki is no exception. Let’ start with her hands—her fingers are individually sculpted and painted, with nail polish and creases in the palms. There is notable musculature morphing where the bicep and forearm meet. There’s sculpting between her left shoulder and her left breast, showing the muscle connection line up through the armpit. Brilliant! And check out that sweet neck—we’ve got clavicles and sternocleido-mastoids! And at the bend in her back, there’s a crease. Absolutely wonderful.

Here's the closeup. I love the muscle line going up the arm.

Moving down, we come to Tamaki’s most obvious assets—her mammary glands. Different sculptors give Tamaki different-sized endowments. Most of the time, she’s portrayed as busty but not stupidly so. Other times, she’s got a pretty average bra size. Here, however, and in the “Temptation” figure, the sculptor gave her breasts that seem larger than her head. I don’t really have a problem with that, but this Panic! statue has an interesting side note: I don’t think Tamaki’s dirty pillows don’t look ridiculously enormous from the front, but from the side they certainly look too big. Part of the reason is that they don’t conform to the laws of gravity–I like to think she’s momentarily twitched with surprise and they’re in mid-bounce. But admittedly, they’re pretty substantial. One nice feature, not unexpected, is that her bikini top outlines her nipples.

There's an unfortunate seam between the bikini strap and cup.

As you can see, they seem a little bigger from the side. You can also see a flaw with the molding: there’s a definate suture between the strap of her bikini and the cup. It’s also obvious from this angle that Tamaki picked the wrong-size bikini–significant underboob. Another nice detail, though: Tamaki’s breasts actually connect up by the armpit, as they should, and that nice crease shows that they DO ultimately conform to gravity.

She's got a lot of hair.

She’s got a helluva hairdresser. Tamaki’s dark red hair is really one of this figure’s centerpieces, draping gently every which way. It almost…almost…looks like horrible squid tentacles reaching down to grab you, but then again not really. The two “ponytails” on top of Tamaki’s head are clearly glued on and don’t really conform to the rest of the piece, but whatever–her hair is pretty spectacular.

The breasts make the figure look a little ridiculous from above.

See? Her hair is actually made of four distinct pieces–the bangs, the two ponytails, and the rest of it. However, since you, like me, would display this figure from the front, you probably won’t really notice the ponytails or separation between bangs and the rest of her hair, because they won’t be immediately noticable unless you get Tamaki down and start inspecting her head. So I don’t mind those suture points–they’re much more obvious on Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Black Widow, for instance. Also from this angle, you get a further sense of the pure heft of Tamaki’s breasts. They are truly impressive organs–I suspect she could go for months without food and live off those large fat stores.

See how they seem bigger from the side?

As I said before, one of the reasons I like this Tamaki figure so much is the dynamism. A lot of Tamaki figures are just kind of standing there, looking pretty. This Panic! figure, though, has angles all over the place–there’s a real sense of movement here, as you can see from this photo. Her right leg isn’t just bent at the knee, it’s angled outward. Her waist is bent, both arms are moving in different directions, and of course her hair is all over the place. Tamaki is my most dynamic girl by far. The photo also shows the unfortunate result of putting all your fat reserves into your chest–the ass is definately malnourished. Oh, real quick, check out the popliteal on the back of her knee–the sculptor even managed to sculpt the giant tendon on the inside of your thigh, at the top of the knee (hamstring?).

You can see the ties here, and also the crease of Tamaki's hips.

Another lovely feature? Tamaki’s hips. She has hips because she also has a little bit of a belly (above). Thus, you can see the thigh muscles reach up to hit the pelvis, and then where the external oblique muscles reach up and also hit the rectus abdominis (abs). Although you can’t see it from this angle, Tamaki has (unsurprisingly) a bit of cameltoe, which is an unfortunate tradition among Japanese bikini figures. Sorry, I didn’t take a photo of that. Cameltoe isn’t really my thing. When we get to Kotobukiya’s Venus on the Beach Kasumi (long name), that will be a prominant “con” in the discussion.

It would seem that her bikini bottom has suddenly rebelled.

Threw this picture in just to demonstrate that, rather than an actual ass, Tamaki’s thighs merely meet at a certain point. However, it’s interesting to note that Tamaki has sacral dimples–you know, those indentations just above the pelvis that show up on a lot of women (haven’t seen ’em in dudes). I’m not really sure how those originate, or what their internal structure is. If you do, dear readers, please let me know! So what we have hear is an assless figure who still manages to have adorable (though virtually invisible) sacral dimples.

Those seem like they'd be heavy.

So sue me, but this is an interesting picture for a few reasons. First, if you can manage to look below her giant mammaries, there’s more impressive abdominal musculature–including the Serratus anterior on either side of the torso, which actually meet behind her breasts. Fun fact: although breasts are supported from above by the Pectoralis major muscles, they are mostly collagin, elastin, and white fat (adipose tissue). They retain their shape largely through Cooper’s ligaments–which are unique to mammalian breasts.

I'm repeating this picture because I didn't take enough pictures in the first place.

I look for a lot of things before I buy a figure (they’re not cheap): dynamism, anatomical accuracy, a reasonably-sized bust, and a pretty face. Tamaki’s got all that in spades, and I couldn’t be happier with her. She’s a larger scale than I usually buy, just because she’s kneeling down (on a strange pillow that was included in the box). I imagine if she were standing up, she’s be taller than Velvet. This is a great figure to have, and she’s reasonably priced on eBay and Amazon if you’re interested. Definately worth a look. I also apologize again for the lateness of this post–I went back to the hospital and now I’m on long-term antibiotics. It’s been a helluva summer, but I hope to get into a better posting groove as autumn wears on. Not sure who I’ll review next, but I’m leaning towards my most recent acquisition: Eleanor Mercer, my first and only topless figure.