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The next year will be filled with expensive things that I want to buy. The recently announced 3DS XL, for one. $200 in August. Of course, the next Nintendo console is the Wii U, and while it has no release date or price, we’re all betting $300 or $350 in November. Also, my wife is going to Fairbanks to get her PhD in the fall. While she will be on sabbatical (and thus getting half pay) AND teaching in Fairbanks to make some money, we’re gonna have to pull in the reigns on spending. So some of that gaming stuff might have to wait until birthday or Christmas. Luckily, my birthday is in November. But of course there are figures I want, too. Don’t know if I’ll be able to get them all, but a girl can dream. Continue reading


This is about as Safe for Work as it’s gonna get, kids.

This is absolutely one of my favorite figures (my standard reprieve). Getting her, however, proved challenging, but she was a “first” in several respects that enabled me to move forward as a figure collector. Like so many of my non-bishoujo purchases, I was locked in by this review of Eleanor on that old standby, Tentacle Armada. It was love at first sight, but a few problems instantly presented themselves: Eleanor is completely topless. That bikini top isn’t castoffable; it’s just an accessory in her hand. She’s also extremely well-endowed—unrealistically well-endowed? Probably, although the internet never ceases to amaze me. The topless aspect certainly didn’t bother me, but I figured my wife might take issue with it. The other challenge was that Eleanor didn’t have an American distributor, so my options were limited to the internet. I had successfully purchased Tamaki from Amazon on sale, and had considered online again for Kobobukiya’s “Venus on the Beach” Kasumi, who I found in town by luck alone, and then with Yamato’s wonderful Velvet from Odin Sphere, who I ordered through a local comic shop because Velvet DID get an American distributor. Eleanor, however, would be harder to come by. Continue reading