The next year will be filled with expensive things that I want to buy. The recently announced 3DS XL, for one. $200 in August. Of course, the next Nintendo console is the Wii U, and while it has no release date or price, we’re all betting $300 or $350 in November. Also, my wife is going to Fairbanks to get her PhD in the fall. While she will be on sabbatical (and thus getting half pay) AND teaching in Fairbanks to make some money, we’re gonna have to pull in the reigns on spending. So some of that gaming stuff might have to wait until birthday or Christmas. Luckily, my birthday is in November. But of course there are figures I want, too. Don’t know if I’ll be able to get them all, but a girl can dream.

Orchid Seed’s first of the “Seven Sins” line, this is Asmodeus (or Lust).

Here’s Asmodeus, the first of Orchid Seed’s new “Seven Sins” line, in which they revision the seven sins as incredibly hot women. I’m not all that thrilled with all the designs, but Asmodeus stands out for her awesome armor and obvious cast-off possibilities (confirmed–she basically gets naked). I’m a little hesitant about how orb-like her breasts are, but I can probably live with it if they twist my arm. Problem with Asmodeus is that she’s not big, probably 1/7th-scale, so getting all that crap on and off her will be an issue. More seriously, she’s exclusive to certain Japanese import sites. I have not yet dipped my toes into those particular waters, as mentioned in my previous post. She’s not stupid expensive or anything, but I just don’t know what I’m doing. For one thing, I can’t read Japanese. For another thing, preorders end–period–in July, so I’ve gotta act fast if I’m gonna do this. Third, and most importantly, she doesn’t even come out until early 2013. I could just save my pennies and pray that she winds up on the secondary market.

Another Orchid Seed figure, this is Kurono Kurumu, a character I know nothing about. I just think she’s adorable.

Kurono Kurumu (say that five times fast) is a succubus from an anime called “Rosario + Vampire” that I have no intention of ever watching. I don’t even know who this chick is, but I do know that I think she’s adorable. I like that blue hair and I like that she’s got lots of cast-off options. Early reports claim that her breasts exhibit “weight” and “realism,” but there haven’t been any photo reviews to confirm this. Until I see one, I’m holding off. She is cute, though.

Not really a fan of One Piece’s character designs, but Princess Shirahoshi speaks to me. I’ve always wanted a mermaid figure, and she’s a good one.

I only have one One Piece figure: it’s Nami, in a red bikini. I got her with a friend from Australia. We doubled up on an eBay offer where you get both the blue and red Nami variants for the price of one and a half. He kept the blue one, I got the red one. I like her a lot, I’ll have to review it one of these days. Problem is, I’m not a HUGE fan of One Piece’s stylized character designs, which is why I haven’t jumped on that train already. But Princess Shirahoshi, shown above, is very cute AND she’s a mermaid, which is awesome, because I’ve wanted a good mermaid figure for years. I’m just hoping you can either remove or easily chop off the miniature Luffy D. Monkey in her hand. I’m not sure when the Princess comes out, but if I get her, she’ll definitely be a secondary market scoop–unless she gets an American distributor, at which point she might be available from my local comic shop.

Kotobukiya’s next Bishoujo, Harley Quinn.

I usually love or hate the Bishoujo girls. I’ve come to dislike the early ones I bought (Black Widow, Rogue, Phoenix) because they’re tiny and kind of boring. The newer stuff, though, like Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy are all top-notch. So it feels weird to say that I’m on the fence about a Bishoujo, but that’s how I feel about Harley, here. Now, I usually love Harley Quinn, but ONLY in the Batman: Animated Series. All other versions of that character can rot in hell. The Arkham Asylum/City redesigns were travesties. Now, this Bishoujo does retain the Animated Series look, BUT her face looks really different. I think she looks like Carla Gugino (from Sin City), and while that’s not a bad thing on its own, it’s not a great thing in this context. I know Harley will be coming to my local comic shop, because they order all the Bishoujo girls, and I’ll have to see her in person before I “drop the hammer” (HA! I made a funny).

Another Bishoujo gal, Power Girl! My favorite DC heroine and the only girl on this list I’m definitely going to nab.

But if there’s one figure I’m getting this year, it’s this one: Power Girl! She moved pretty quickly along the Bishoujo conveyor. The internet was exposed to a sketchy piece of concept art only a few months ago, and this last week we got her final sculpt. It will probably be on display at ComiCon, too. Power Girl is my all-time favorite superheroine and she really gets shafted in most of her comics. I think the Amanda Conner run was really the only time she’s been given a unique personality (and an excellent look!). It’s almost like PeeGee exists best outside the normal DC continuity. Another reason I effing love Power Girl is that my wife looks just like her; she could cosplay as Power Girl and get lots of compliments. This is something I’ve encouraged, but to no avail. Power Girl comes out in late October or early November, so middle to late November for me, but she’s guaranteed to make it to Anchorage. I’m excited.

What figures are you readers most excited about in the coming months?