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The camera recognizes her face, which is always a little weird, but her face really is wonderful.

I know I say this every time, but Kokoro is one of my favorite figures, no joke. Like a lot of my “favorites,” Kokoro taught me a few things and was my “first” in a number of respects. For those unfamiliar with her character, Kokoro is originally from Dead or Alive 4 (Xbox 360), a perfectly average entry in the long-running fighting series. I’ve played almost all of them, and my favorites are Dimensions (3DS) and Dead or Alive 5 (PS3 & 360). I played the latter at E3 this year, and it’s gotten a significant and much-needed visual facelift. The physics are also better—take that to mean what you will. Kokoro is 17 years old during the events of DoA4 and uses a unique Bājíquán fighting style. She wants to be a geisha and a martial artist. Around the same time as DoA4, she starred in DoAX2—that appearance is what this figure is based on. By the way, DoAX2 is a terrible game and you should not play it, but the original—Dead or Alive Extreme Volleyball—is fantastic. It’s unfortunately not backwards-compatible on the Xbox 360, so you’ll need an old Xbox Classic to play it. Totally worth it, though. And let’s not forget Dead or Alive Paradise, which is basically DoAX2 on PSP: it is also awful, but it adds a cute new character, Rio (who is guest-starring from a Tecmo gambling property). Continue reading


The subjects of our discussion today.

Ah, from such humble beginnings. Kotobukiya’s now-well-regarded Marvel/DC Bishoujo (“pretty girl”) line, which is based on the concept art of Shunya Yamashita, originated with a few Marvel offerings: Black Widow, Rogue, Phoenix, and Scarlett Witch (I never bought that last one). I can’t remember now why I was interested in these girls, because I don’t read Marvel comics and I’m not particularly fond of any of these characters. I did have the local comic shop call me when Black Widow and Rogue came in, but I basically bought Phoenix on an absolute whim—never a good idea—though she turned out pretty nicely. Over the years, these three 1/8th-scale girls have receded to the back of my figure shelf (the dresser) because every other figure I have outclasses them, especially the newer 1/7th-scale Bishoujo girls. So I’m not going to say I dislike these three, I just don’t like them as much as I used to. Ultimately, it’s a problem of comparison: they keep excellent company, so they end up looking a little worse for it. Continue reading