Lovely, lovely girl.

My very first review on this website (just scroll down) was for Yamato’s beautiful Velvet figure. Velvet, as I wrote before, is from a beloved Atlus action/RPG called “Odin Sphere.” It’s a fantastic game, but unfortunately doesn’t play well on its native hardware—the Playstation 2. The very first boss fight is fraught with framerate issues, and things just get worse from there. Happily, the game is now a PS2 Classic that you can download on the PSN (on your PS3) and this version seems to fix the framerate, making the game actually playable. The defining feature of Odin Sphere is probably its at-times overwhelming complexity, but the most visible feature is its gorgeous 2D animation. This is Vanillaware at its finest. These are the people behind Princess Crown, GrimGrimoire, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, and the upcoming PS3 Dragon Crown. Vanillaware is the best at what it does.

Gwendolyn, here, is the youngest daughter of King Odin but, like her elder sister Griselda, is a soldier on the battlefield. Gwendolyn is plagued by self-doubt and is always seeking approval from her father. In this quest, she kills a freaking dragon and goes after the witch Velvet for deactivating an ancient artifact prized by Odin. Odin reveals that Velvet is his illegitimate daughter and he is forced to send her away to be executed. I won’t reveal all that happens, but she DOES save Velvet, which has unexpected consequences. Continue reading