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Irregularly Scheduled Programming

I have TWO…count ’em, TWO essays written about figures. One is an Ame-Comi girl, and one is a recent Orchid Seed release. The problem? My wife lost our camera, and she’s currently in Fairbanks for grad school. But she’s actually got two cameras from friends up there, so she’s going to send me one. Things will then get back to normal. Any votes as to which one you good people would rather see first? Your choices are: busty superheroine or busty succubus. Vote in the comments!



Last year I discovered a horrible and ugly truth about figure-collecting: some people bootleg them. I know; I had the same reaction. Bootleg? I have a bootleg copy of The Last Airbender on DVD, you say (if you’re Abed from Community). There are known bootlegs of popular video games and even the hardware they allegedly run on! But figures? Who would bootleg a piece of PVC plastic? Apparently, it happens, and it’s something I’m now ever-vigilant against. You might say hyper-vigilant, since I’ve stopped using eBay entirely to purchase figures and I tend to shy away from Amazon now. What happened, you might ask? What figure scarred me so deeply that I’ve lost my trust in the internet? Continue reading