Well, it was either this or Tamaki Kousaka, who I will eventually get to, I SWEAR. But Wonder Woman is shiny and new, and I got her right before my ridiculous hosptialization, so she’s fresh in my (injured, swollen) mind. You’ll recall that these figures are conceptualized by Shunya Yamashita, and in Catwoman’s case, I liked the concept art better than the final figure. It’s the opposite here, and to a larger degree. While this is not the final concept art, it is pretty darn close to what ended up plastered onto her box:

Cardboard Cutout

I don't like anything about this concept art.

I mean, look at her. Her hips are wider than her shoulders, she has no waist, her left leg appears to be longer than her right leg, and she’s…flat. This is just a bad drawing of Wonder Woman. Whoever the actual sculptor was on this thing, I have to give big props for vastly improving the design. While the basic form pose is the same, everything…everything about the final sculpture is infinately better than the initial or final concept art…Thank Cthulhu. Now, we all know Wonder Woman, right? She just got a costume change (and an enormous retcon), in fact, designed by Jim Lee. Continue reading